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If your business is a gym, health club, recreation center, swimming pool, fitness club, wellness center, community center or any membership based organization...

Choose our member management software, club management software, gym management software, fitness center management software, health club management software that has all functions completely integrated and accessible via the Web to run your facility most effectively. You'll be able to Easily manage your facility and members via our Web-Based Member Management software. (eZclub).

At some point virtually all health clubs will utilize online member management software, club management software, gym management software, and fitness center management software. The Time to act is now!

Membership and Facility Management

Our Gym Management System ,eZclub.NET Software provides Member Management, Reporting ,Inventory, Sales, Employee Time Tracking, batch billing (process member dues electronically) and capture of members. It includes a module that allows for the member to enter their member number and code into the form to register that they have been at the facility. Our system captures this data to provide you with a better view of your facility utilization rates.

In addition our gym management software comes complete with a Real-Time dashboard giving you an overall view of your facility and member status a well as age group and male/females and etc.

The Gym Software also comes complete with standard reports that can give you an overall sense of how your facility is operating. Some of these reports include utilization (daily, monthly), Member Non- Usage/Usage reports, Machine Maintenance Log reports,Monthly Payment report (for monthly members), Invoice report, Sales Report, Inventory Report, Inventory Threshold Report and more.

24 Hour Access Control

The EnterNow! Door Controller module integrates with the eZclub software to provide access control for your facility (gym,club,fitness center). This add-on can easily turn your facility into a 24 hour operation and help reduce your facility staff costs. This allows for defining an unlimited number of access rules so you can completely customize the way your members access your facility.

Digital Video Obeservation and Monitoring

We also provide you with a complete digital observation and recording studio as well, so that you may monitor your facility via the web from any location.

Member Data Replication

In addition to access control, the ReplicateNow software suite can replicate member data across locations. Some of our customers use this software suite to manage their franchise by allowing members access to all their facilities.

All of these components are designed to work hand-in-hand to give you more power managing your club, gym, fitness center or any other membership based organization.


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"Our conversion to a 24 hour facility at the end of 2008 has proven to be one of our best decisions in our 14 year history. Firebug's Gym Management Software & Access system is an essential part of our daily operations."-Jeff B., New Mexico-More Testimonials

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We have 24/7 on call support to help you with your problems or questions about our software and products. And we are constantly upgrading and updating our system to incorporate feedback we receive from our user-base, so that we can give our users new features that they are looking for via our monthly support agreements.