Firebug Software Benefits

Benefits of Our Web-based Gym Management Software

  • Member Management interface is Web-Based

    Internet based systems are most effective with consolidating information for facilities that have more than one location. Suppose an owner had 10 facilities. With each system being Web-based, an owner can access each system from one location easily and securely. Analytical reports can be easily designed comparing each facility to each other which will ultimately provide powerful information that can be used to most effectively manage each location better.

    As long as there is an available internet connection, you will be able to access your data from anywhere. View your facility, run reports, create your billing EFT batches all at your own convenience. You can even export the reports into PDF or Excel format, giving you the opportunity to expand your analysis. All this can be done from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

  • System is Modular

    This gives you extreme flexibility in how you purchase our products and integrate them into your current or planned business practices. Once you have licensed our eZclub software for managing your members and your facility, simply purchase other modules to increase functionatliy and features. for example you can easiliy turn your facility into a 24 hr operation by purchasing the access control keypad and EnterNow! Door Controller

  • Automatic System Updates to our supported base

    Our system is constantly updated and improved upon and we release these updates to all our supported users. The best part is that if your looking for an additional feature or report and it is not currently part of our system, just let us know and we will review the possibility of adding it for you and if approved , automatically rolling it into one of our updates. This allows you to have a voice about our system and allows our system’s enhancements to come from a collection of our most valuables users input. Of course we will also be including new features and enhancements every chance we get to enhance your experience with our products.

  • System Flexibility and Customization

    Our System allows you to completely configure many components. Easily create an unlimited number of access rules using the access definition module component and assign any rule to individual users. This gives you complete flexibility and control against how you let your members access your facility. Our System also allows you to define an unlimited number of billing cycles, member group’s member types and more…

  • Real-time Facility Information

    Our system includes a Dashboard which provides you with some real-time statistical information about your facility at a glance. Some of the information included on our dashboard are: Number of Active/Inactive Members, Number of Male/Females, High/Low/Average age for each category.

  • Customer Service

    We offer 24/7 on call support. In most cases we will receive an automated response from your systems to our support center in the event that your system malfunctions and we will connect to your location and remedy the situation as soon as possible. In some instances your system might go offline due to power or connectivity issues and due to the nature of this problem our support system would not be notified, in these cases, simply call our technical support hotline and we will get you backup and running in the shortest time frame possible. We also automatically backup your member data every night so you can easily recover your most important information in the event of a major disaster or hardware failure.

  • Data Replication Module

    One of the most important advantages that we have over our competitors is that our eZclub software and system can expand with your business. If you’re thinking about expanding your facility or gym into a multi-location facility and would like to provide your members with the opportunity to access all of your locations, you can simply purchase our host and client data replication module for your facility. You will need 1 Host for your company and 1 client per location. These modules work hand-in-hand to replicate your member data across your facilities with the push of a button. Our module is expansion of our eZclub System and if you have more than one location running our base Module, we can easily merge all that data into one core database structure for you. Our replication modules will replicate your member data to each location and also submit your facility utilization data into the core system so that you can keep an eye on the utilization rates for each facility. You are in total control of how you want to replicate the data to and from the locations, you can simply click on the Download/Upload buttons available in the module or we can schedule this to happen automatically. (Replication Module requires active internet connection). The best thing about this module is that as your business grows you can still manage all your member data from one location. We can configure your main location to host all the data or we can host the core database for you on our systems.

  • Hardware Configuration

    Our complete system is an integrated solution and includes all the hardware necessary for your facility to operate smoothly and efficiently. We configure all the hardware required for the integrated solution. We strive to use the best available hardware vendors for our products, however sometimes hardware will fail. In the event of a hardware error simply give us a call and we will assist you in purchasing a replacement component and we will reconfigure it for you and ship it back out to you so that you can simply replace the faulty hardware with the new one and continue operating efficiently. If you ever have any questions about your hardware you can call our technical support hotline to receive immediate answers.


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